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We decided to go to a doctor after 8 months of unsuccessful attempts

I am Leyla. We decided to go to a doctor after 8 months of unsuccessful attempts. After the examinations, we found out that my husband’s left testicle was absent. Therefore, he had sperm shortage. It was unlikely for me to get pregnant naturally. I was devastated at first. I did not know what to do. My family, especially my uncle, gave a great support. My uncle met Recai Pabuçcu 13 years ago and he had a child thanks to him. He suggested Mr. Pabuçcu, our dear doctor, to us. This news made me very happy. I and my husband decided and went to him to get examined. Vaccination was not possible due to low sperm count. We were told to receive IVF treatment directly. My husband used medication to increase his sperm count and our treatment began. My eggs developed without any problems. After egg collection process, my body blistered, but, thank God, we did not have any serious problems. Among my embryos, the healthy one that reached the 5th day was transferred. Now I am holding my daughter, Elif, in my arms. I thank Recai Pabuçcu and all Centrum team as they were a remedy to our despair.