Prof. Dr. Recai Pabuçcu

In 1975, I graduated from Cerrahpaşa Medical Faculty as a Military Physician. I was an assistant at GATA Gynecology Department between 1979-1983, and assistant chief between 1983-1984.

Bölüm Obstetrician and Gynecologist
Görev Ufuk University, Faculty of Medicine, Dr. Rıdvan Ege Hospital, Head of Obstetrics and Gynecology Department
Kurucu Ortak Centrum Ankara IVF Center Director

I was appointed as Assistant Professor in 1984. In 1985-1987, I worked as a Clinical Fellow alongside Prof. Dr. Victor GOMEL, a co-founder of gynecological microsurgery and one of the world’s most famous laparoscopes experts at British Columbia University, Vancouver, CANADA, and received education in reproductive endocrinology, laparoscopy, hysteroscopy microsurgery and in vitro fertilization. In 1987, I got the title of University Associate Professor and worked on Reproductive Endocrinology Laparoscopy-Hysteroscopy and IVF in GATA Gynecology Clinic and established these units, I trained many assistants and specialists on these subjects. I was appointed as Professor in 1993.

In 1995, I was appointed head of the Department of the same clinic. In the same year, I started to establish the IVF unit in GATA and led the selection of a training center by the Ministry of Health of this IVF Center.

During my 9-year period as Head of the Department, in the GATA Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Infertility and Reproductive Endocrinology, Gynecological Oncology, and High-risk Pregnancy Departments were formed into subgroups, and on both an academic and clinical basis the name of the GATA Obstetrics Clinic was heard as a very important clinic in Turkey.

According to the GATA Act, I was appointed as a member of the GATA High Science Council in 2004. Between 2002-2005, I founded and worked in the Department of Procreation Health and Family Planning Services in the Turkish Armed Forces. (Since 2004, an average of 450 thousand soldiers have been trained in Family Planning, Mother Care in pregnancy, protection from sexually transmitted diseases, non-violence on women, and reproductive health.) I traveled all of Turkey 3 times and conducted seminars, conferences, and briefings during my 4-year period as coordinator of the Procreation Health and Family Planning Services in the Turkish Armed Forces.

In addition, I have managed to transfer a 1 million Euro fund from the European Union for this project to run this service in the Armed Forces. I have been a speaker and session chair in hundreds of congresses. I’ve pioneered efforts of holding Hysteroscopy and IVF Congress many times, both nationally and internationally.

With my hysteroscopy courses, I helped over 1000 specialized physicians promote their knowledge and experience. I played an active role in the establishment of the Turkish Reproductive Medicine and IVF Association. I have prepared more than 150 internal and external publications and presented more than 60 memorandums. I have written 3 books and prepared chapters for more than 20 books. I became one of the first physicians to complete IVF training abroad in Turkey. I have been working on IVF and infertility since 1987.

I have contributed to thousands of families having children as a result of laparoscopic surgery, medical treatment, and IVF treatment. I worked for many years in the Ministry of Health MCHFP General Directorate, Assisted Reproductive Techniques Commission, and Assisted Reproductive Techniques Certification Examination Commissions. I am currently the Head of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Ufuk University Faculty of Medicine, Dr. Rıdvan Ege Hospital, and I am the Director of Centrum Women’s Health and IVF Center. I am also the president of the Reproductive Medicine and Surgery Association, where I worked at the foundation stage.