Embryology & Andrology Laboratories

Laboratories of CENTRUM IVF CENTER consist of Embryologists who are experts in their fields and Andrologists who have received Andrology training.

The laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and is constantly under quality control. All applications in the process starting from egg collection (OPU) to embryo transfer are carried out in the Embryology Laboratory, where an environment equivalent to the uterus is provided outside the female body (in vitro). The embryo, which is formed as a result of fertilization of the egg with sperm, has a certain development potential depending on the quality of the cells. This potential is completely determined by the cells, and it is not possible to provide a positive change with any external intervention after fertilization.

The importance of the Embryology Laboratory emerges at this point. Because if the laboratory does not have the appropriate personnel, equipment, and environmental conditions, it is likely to affect this potential negatively. Therefore, it is of great importance for couples to act consciously about laboratory quality in center selections for success. Centrum IVF center laboratory has been especially designed to provide optimal conditions for pregnancy. The laboratory has state-of-the-art Incubators, Time-Lapse systems, embryo freeze-thaw systems, safety systems, ventilation, and gas mixing systems.

Egg collection (OPU)



Embryo culture (CO-culture)

Embryo biopsy (Preimplantation genetic diagnosis-screening PGD, FISH)

Embryo transfer

Embryo freezing

Detailed sperm analysis

Sperm freezing


(Sperm disorders, genetic anomalies, etc.)

Rosi technique (Round Spermatid Injection)


are some of the procedures performed in the Centrum IVF laboratory.



Tam teşekküllü tüp bebek merkezi.

Merkezimizde tüp bebek işlemi için ayrı ameliyathane, androloji ve embriyoloji laboratuvarı bulunmaktadır.

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