Sperm Freezing

What is sperm freezing?

The process of temporarily stopping the vitality of cells is called freezing (cryopreservation), and then the process of regaining their vitality is called thawing.
Sperm freezing is the process of freezing and storing sperms taken from men in various ways (including surgery) in a laboratory environment for future thawing and use in IVF treatment.

Freezing Procedures

Freezing and thawing processes are under control by legal regulations. The storage period of all frozen materials is 5 years. The extension of this period may be possible with the petitions submitted to the District Health Directorates. Sperm freezing can be done in the following situations.

⦁ Before chemotherapy is applied in cancer treatments,

⦁ Before the use of drugs or surgery that may cause sperm cell damage,

⦁ In patients with low sperm count and thought to be difficult to obtain sperm in the future,

⦁ In men who have ejaculation problems due to spinal cord injuries caused by accident,

How is the freezing process applied?

Sperm Collection
For sperm freezing, it is necessary to take a sperm sample from the man. Sperm samples can be taken in two different ways. First, you can give sperm by masturbation in the sperm collection rooms of our clinic. In cases where the sperm count is low or the patient cannot give sperm by masturbation or there is no sperm in the ejaculate, the sperm sample can be taken surgically. Sperm can be collected from testicles with MESA, TESE, TESA, PESA procedures. These procedures are performed under local or general anesthesia. Before giving a sperm sample, it is necessary to abstain from sex for 3 -6 days. During this period, the man should not have any sexual intercourse or ejaculation by masturbation. It is not true to extend the abstinence period to increase the sperm count. Because when the time is prolonged, the sperm count will increase, while the sperm motility and quality will decrease.

Sperm Analysis

Collected sperm are analyzed before freezing. In semen analysis, sperm count, motility, and structure are evaluated. Thus, the healthiest sperms are selected and frozen.

If the sperm sample taken is not of the desired quality, your doctor may ask you to give a sperm sample once again. After the sperm analysis is completed, the sperm samples are frozen at -197 degrees using specially formulated sperm freezing liquid. Cryopreserved cells can be destroyed under the supervision of an officer determined by the Provincial Health Directorate if the person taken does not renew the annual protocol, the person requests to be destroyed or in case of death.

Sperm freezing provides great convenience for the male patient, especially in cases of azoospermia, during possible repetitive IVF trials, and also eliminates the stress of a new operation.

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